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Bitcoin price's recent 1.4% gain, bringing its trading price to $37,800, has investors pondering: is this the beginning of steady ... ... lees verder
The bitcoin price could come under pressure as some of the money is likely to completely exit the ecosystem, the report said. ... lees verder
While the BitMEX co-founder highlighted the connection between dollar liquidity and the Bitcoin price, dharmafi’s data reinforces the impact of the liquidity surge. The $106 billion rise in net ... ... lees verder
As Bitcoin price breaks the $38,000 barrier for the first time since May 2022, the crypto community is abuzz with ... ... lees verder
Prominent crypto analyst CryptoInsightUK has given his thoughts on whether or not the XRP price can replicate the notable 61,000% gain it enjoyed back in 2017. Although the analyst sounded uncertain about how things could pan out, he provided insight as to what the future holds for XRP. XRP Price Repeating 61,000% Move Will Be Harder In a post on his X (formerly Twitter) platform, CryptoInsightUK highlighted how XRP exploded in 2017. The crypto token is said to have seen a 61,000% gain in 280 days. As to whether a repeat can happen, he mentioned that it would be harder as the market cap would ... lees verder
FLIP, the native token of cross-chain swap platform ChainFlip, surged more than 150% to as high as $5.94 on its first day of trading. ... lees verder