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Bitcoin is gaining altitude today, amid a sharp drop in prices of some alternative currencies. Is $18,000 in sight? ... lees verder
BTC/USD Bitcoin went sideways initially during the trading session, but then shot higher as the market reached towards the vital $16,000 level. A clearance of that level for more than a few hours should send this market higher, perhaps reaching towards the $18,000 level. Otherwise, look for pullbacks as potential buying opportunities.   BTC/JPY Bitcoin … Continue reading Bitcoin analysis January 8, 2018The post Bitcoin analysis January 8, 2018 appeared first on NewsBTC. ... lees verder
If the U.S. government just tries to go after each problematic example of crypto on an ad-hoc basis, it'll never get ahead of the issue. ... lees verder
Last year, lawyers and law firms finally got over themselves and worked together in the blockchain space. In 2018, such teamwork will be critical. ... lees verder
The American states of Idaho and Alaska have both issued warnings over investments involving cryptocurrencies. ... lees verder
ETH/USD Ethereum rallied again during the trading session on Friday, finally reaching the $1000 level. Ultimately, I think we can break above this area, but it would not surprise me at all to see short-term pullbacks to build up enough momentum to do so. I look at the $900 level as the likely “floor” in … Continue reading Ethereum Analysis January 8, 2018The post Ethereum Analysis January 8, 2018 appeared first on NewsBTC. ... lees verder
Indian bitcoin exchanges are raising questions over the applicability of goods and service tax (GST) to their operations. ... lees verder
Ripple's XRP token may have found a short-term top and there's potential for a sustained pullback in prices, price charts suggest. ... lees verder