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U.S. argues that Binance's former CEO should remain free until sentencing – but only in the U.S. ... lees verder
"On that basis, selling just 27% of BTC mined in Q1-2024 would generate the same absolute level of excess cash as selling 100% in Q2-2023." ... ... lees verder
The Bitcoin mining landscape is witnessing yet another groundbreaking moment. Recently, at block height 818496, the mining difficulty of Bitcoin escalated by ... ... lees verder
The Bitcoin mining difficulty has witnessed another increase in 2023, bringing the metric to a new all-time high. The Bitcoin “difficulty” is a vital aspect of the network that controls the rate at which new blocks are added to the blockchain at a given time. Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Surges To A New High Of 67.96T According to data from BTC Blockchain Explorer, the Bitcoin network experienced a significant adjustment at block height 818,496. This caused the blockchain’s difficulty to soar by 5.07%, reaching a new all-time high of 67.96 T. The mining difficulty is an essential feature that me ... lees verder
Decentralized Exchange had over $80 million in total value locked before the incident. ... lees verder
It appears bitcoin holders are not planning on offloading inventory at these price levels or any time soon, one observer said. ... lees verder
Patrick added depth to the discourse, highlighting the historical context of gold confiscation and its irrelevance in today's economy. His perspective on the vulnerability of cryptocurrencies to ... ... lees verder