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Jim Cramer – the eccentric host of CNBC’s finance show “Mad Money” – has flipped bullish on Bitcoin (BTC), signaling to some investors that it might be ... ... lees verder
Market analyst Ali Charts has recently shared insights on the Cardano (ADA) market trajectory. Observing recent trends, ADA appears to be in a bearish phase. In the last 24 hours, mainly, the asset has witnessed a 2.8% decline, resulting in its trading price falling to $0.37. However, despite the current dip, Ali offers an optimistic outlook, suggesting that Cardano may be gearing up for a significant price surge, possibly reaching its highest point for the year. Related Reading: History Repeats? Cardano (ADA) Set To Skyrocket In December, Predicts Analyst Analyst’s Positive Outlook On ... lees verder
Several major alternative cryptocurrencies including DYDX, Optimism (OP) and SUI dropped sharply as massive token unlocks weighed on prices. ... lees verder
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Tapiero explained why Bitcoin will see a flood of capital in an upcoming bull run, pushing it to new price highs. ... lees verder
Crypto investment funds last week attracted their largest inflow this year, extending their strongest run since the 2021 bull market as anticipation for a spot bitcoin [BTC] exchange-traded fund (ETF) continued to entice investors. ... lees verder