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Sirin says its Finney phone will fill a gap in the crypto market. But as the adage goes, "hardware is hard," and in blockchain it may be even harder. ... lees verder
Cryptocurrencies emerged as a leading tech in 2017, but 2018 may find them merging with other technologies to become even more ubiquitous. ... lees verder
Fried chicken chain KFC Canada is accepting bitcoin for a limited time for a so-called "Bitcoin Bucket." ... lees verder
Ukraine's national defense chief called for legislation regulating cryptocurrencies at a recent meeting on cybersecurity. ... lees verder
A new bill submitted to the Arizona Senate would, if approved, allow people to pay their state tax liabilities using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. ... lees verder
The highly-anticipated white paper for zk-starks, which does away with the so-called trusted setup made famous by zcash, is out. ... lees verder
Japanese Corporate analyst and bitcoin exchange operator Fisco has announced that it will launch a cryptocurrency fund this month. ... lees verder
Global regulators have staked out a diverse set of rules for blockchain, but entrepreneurs may be better off playing arbitrage until the dust settles. ... lees verder