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Casa has just rolled out radio wave-screening "Faraday bags" as the ultimate cypherpunk accessory for bitcoin hardware wallets. ... lees verder
Polymath has partnered with digital securities fundraising platform seriesOne to offer an “end-to-end” solution for security token issuance. ... lees verder
BlockFi CEO Zac Prince explains in depth how the startup manages the myriad risks of lending and borrowing crypto. ... lees verder
Bitcoin's share of the cryptocurrency market is on the verge of falling below 50 percent for the first time in over 7 months. ... lees verder
Silvergate Bank added 59 crypto clients in the fourth quarter, but its deposits from the industry shrank by $123 million. ... lees verder
The U.K. Parliament has been presented demos of real-world blockchain applications designed to educate policymakers. ... lees verder
Enterprise blockchain startup Digital Asset has named co-founder Yuval Rooz as the company’s new chief executive officer. ... lees verder
Japan is lowering the limits for cryptocurrency margin trading from next year, and will also mandate registration of platforms offering the service. ... lees verder