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The total size of the US gold holdings is 261 million fine troy ounces. The size of the holdings in Fort Knox is 147.43 million troy ounces. At the current market price, this should be worth about ... ... lees verder
Today, the Bitcoin price has dropped sharply above the $48,000 support. The implication is that buyers have the advantage to push BTC price to retest the $50,000 overhead resistance. Today ... ... lees verder
The $170 million funding round highlights the explosive growth of crypto as an asset class – and the potential of the European market. ... lees verder
BitClout's creator says it's a new way to monetize a following. Crypto Twitter's brightest lights are nonplussed. ... lees verder
The legal letter is the latest twist in the controversial project's short history. ... lees verder
By embracing bitcoiners, Tesla is likely to make more sales among that crowd even if they pay in fiat. Any extra BTC the carmaker gets is gravy. ... lees verder
The program has been developed in partnership with Victoria Bitter, retailer Diamond Energy and blockchain startup Power Ledger. ... lees verder