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The publicly traded company joins crypto-native firms HashKey Exchange and OSL Digital Securities with a license. ... lees verder
Patrick emphasized the distinct roles that both assets play, viewing cryptocurrency as a more speculative investment due to its volatility, while gold is prized for its long-term wealth preservation ... ... lees verder
The latest price moves in bitcoin [BTC] and crypto markets in context for Nov. 24, 2023. First Mover is CoinDesk’s daily newsletter that contextualizes the latest actions in the crypto markets. ... lees verder
Dan Morehead, the influential founder of bitcoin and crypto investment company Pantera Capital, has predicted the "worst kept secret" in bitcoin could be about to have a "huge" ... ... lees verder
A blockchain exec said even a "conservative" forecast for bitcoin after its halving in April 2024 puts it at $105,000. ... lees verder
Popular crypto analyst PlanB, known for his strong bullish stance on Bitcoin and the stock-to-flow model, took to X to reiterate an optimistic long-term for Bitcoin. According to the analyst, we might be in the final days of Bitcoin below $40,000.  PlanB made a call to action based on his analysis of Bitcoin’s realized price, as all signs point to Bitcoin going on a strong price surge very soon. Enjoy Sub-$40,000 Bitcoin While It Lasts Bitcoin has outperformed other asset classes in terms of price performance this year. Price data shows the cryptocurrency is currently up more than 125% ... lees verder