Path of Exile is an online RPG and adventure game set in the dark world of Wraeclast. Developed by an independent company, the game has been much compared to the Diablo series, mainly for the ambiance and the gameplay. But there are differences that make it unique.

In corresponding Action RPGs, the main attributes are too many, to the point that it is very difficult and tedious to manage them properly. Here, however, there are only three good ones, Intelligence, Strength, Dexterity. The blue color corresponds to Intelligence, Red to Strength, and Green to Dexterity. Colors will help you choose the gems.

As you go up and through the Passive Skill Tree, you will improve these attributes, of course with the Exile you chose. Given that the Passive Skill Tree contains 1350+ skills. You choose to choose the appropriate Skills for your character, both based on your class and your preference. When you open the Skill Tree, the first contact will surprise you, as the choices you have are the least chaotic. However, it is presented with the branch system as a huge tree and in practice it is quite functional.
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