On April 1st, the Grinding Gear Games studio announced the Path of Exile: Royale ... mode and was deploying a temporary playable version. The studio reviews its development (in one day) and its success - to the point of considering a more sustainable version.

On the first of April and as a fish, like many other developers, the studio Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile: Royale, presented as a game mode adapted Path of Exile but bringing together a hundred players in an instance that aims to confront the last survivor. Grinding Gear Games pushed the joke a little further than many other developers, since the New Zealand studio was offering a really playable version of the famous game mode.

And if the April fool has made its effect (according to the studio, many players have found the joke fun but have fun playing), the developer returns today on how this Path of Exile: Royale has was conceived, in a kind of post-mortem.
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