Path of Exile was released in October 2013 as a "clone" of Diablo always online, free-to-play and promising more similarities with Diablo II than Diablo III or Torchlight II. Despite the premise of incorporating aspects of Diablo II, one of the world's most beloved RPGs, not everyone enjoyed PoE. Fortunately, the gaming world as a service allows constant updates and an ever-growing community to improve on what once was bad.

With the latest expansion, War for the Atlas, and with the release for Xbox One, it's safe to say that Path of Exile is a very different game than it was before. If you liked the Diablo II build customization but not the simplicity of Diablo III, PoE was really made for you: building a character from scratch, considering your attributes and looking for specific loot for a specific type of game is one thing in this game.
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