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This is an opinion editorial by Shinobi, a self-taught educator in the Bitcoin space and tech-oriented Bitcoin podcast host. Ignoring the problems of the Lightning Network and protocol stack seems to ... ... lees verder
Crypto had another bad week – and it may only get weirder. Bitcoin led a decline in digital assets across the whole crypto spectrum, with the world’s largest token set for an eighth straight weekly ... ... lees verder
The Bitcoin price prediction shows that BTC is following the bearish movement as the price drops to touch the $28,564 daily low. ... lees verder
Bitcoin was trading marginally lower after breaching the $28,000 mark. At 14.15 hours ITS on Friday, the largest digital token was trading with small cuts of less than a per cent at $29,010.57. ... lees verder
The Bitcoin price prediction shows that BTC is falling below the moving averages as it trades at the $29,485 level. ... lees verder
Even after weeks of the steep plunge faced by the cryptocurrency market, the prices of crypto coins did not seem to move upwards by a big margins as they remained flat for days. On May 26, Thursday, ... ... lees verder
The Bitcoin price prediction reveals that BTC is yet to gain strength above the moving averages as the coin shows a few bearish signs. ... lees verder
Bitcoin briefly returned to $30,000 before the May 25 Wall Street open as range adherence lingered. Trader: BTC should ... ... lees verder