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The second full business week of January has demonstrated many trends that NLW argues will shape bitcoin and crypto throughout the year. ... lees verder
Bitcoin faced a strong drop into Friday. The cryptocurrency, after peaking at $40,000, fell as low as $34,000 in a flash drop on Friday morning. The drop was odd because the cryptocurrency was strongly underperforming altcoins. Normally, during Bitcoin corrections, altcoins fall against the U.S. dollar and against BTC, though this was not the case. […] ... lees verder
The popular K-Pop girl band's parent company RBW will be selling its singers' digital products on the blockchain. ... lees verder
The digital asset manager passed a key milestone this week. ... lees verder
Clients residing outside the U.S. will be unaffected. ... lees verder
An important event as occurred in not just the crypto world, but the entire financial market as news reports emerge of an agreement between Hashfort and Codego. According to Hashfort’s announcement, the company has acquired Codego to improve its value proposition and expand its presence in the payment value chain, including fiat as well as […] ... lees verder