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As Block.one was raising $4 billion from Silicon Valley and Wall Street, a group of executives decided to quit and build a bigger, better blockchain. ... lees verder
Financial giant SBI Group has announced that it is testing a crypto token called "S coin" to enable retail payments over mobile devices. ... lees verder
Blockchain is suing Paymium for launching a token sale under the blockchain.io domain name, claiming the latter is misleading investors. ... lees verder
A new report from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) contends that bitcoin markets are swayed by news events related to regulation. ... lees verder
Walmart will begin tracking leafy greens using IBM's blockchain technology starting late next year, the company announced Monday. ... lees verder
U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase has teamed up with institution-focused crypto trading platform Caspian to boost its offerings for financial pros. ... lees verder
Australia's securities regulator said late last week that it has halted five initial coin offerings (ICOs) in as many months. ... lees verder
One of the most popular soccer clubs in the world is launching a crypto token that it says will boost fan numbers by allowing them to "be heard." ... lees verder