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Investors who purchased a breadbasket of bluechip ICOs about five years ago would have generated an 819% return, even including the current bear market. ... lees verder
The crypto collapse has increased calls for regulation as SEC Chairman Gary Gensler calls for 'one rule book' to protect all trading. ... lees verder
The amount of exchange-held Bitcoin is an indicator of the overall market sentiment. Generally, the supply of bitcoin on exchanges jumps when BTC is transferred to exchanges to be sold. ... lees verder
A running reckoning to layoffs and hirings in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry. ... lees verder
The disagreement stems after CoinFLEX said it was launching a recovery token as a high net worth customer owed the exchange. ... lees verder
According to Reuters, Bitcoin miners have started selling their holdings amid a wider downturn in the crypto markets and drastic drop in Bitcoin's value over the past two months. Earlier this June, ... ... lees verder
... lees verder