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Bitcoin’s lack of robust support at $28k yesterday seems to have disappeared as the market leader is trading strongly above $28,200 this morning. Meanwhile, Ethereum has rallied by 4% to again trade around $1,800. While Bitcoin and US banks have been ... ... lees verder
Crypto Finance will provide Apex with the digital infrastructure needed to issue structured investment products. ... lees verder
Swiss commodities trading firm Muff Trading AG issued corporate bonds using Obligate’s decentralized finance platform, which is set to open to the public on 27 March. ... lees verder
Bitcoin is hurtling toward a quarterly gain bigger than any since the start of 2021, the year when it went on to hit a record high. Some analysts argue the token is being viewed as a hedge against the woes in the US and European banking sectors and ... ... lees verder
Even as the US banking sector is going through a tough phase and depositors are flocking to take back their money from certain banks, Bitcoin is the gainer whose value has significantly jumped to the ... ... lees verder