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Smart contract coders could be held liable for providing predictive "event contracts" on a blockchain, a CFTC commissioner has said. ... lees verder
It's possible to know what cryptocurrencies are going to be listed on Coinbase before it goes public. ... lees verder
Buying bitcoin may be cheaper using a stablecoin the market has greater confidence in, like the Gemini dollar, than with an alternative like USDT. ... lees verder
Retail investors can now trade the 0x Protocol on Coinbase.com, as well as its Android and iOS apps. ... lees verder
The Gemini dollar has broken its peg and climbed to a price of $1.19 on Tuesday. ... lees verder
Decred is handing control of its $21 million treasury and all aspects of the protocol, from consensus through staffing, over to token holders. ... lees verder
The Huobi exchange has announced it will add support for four U.S. dollar-pegged cryptos, a day after OKEx did the same. ... lees verder
The Ethereum Foundation has awarded 20 different startups and individuals a total of $2.86 million in its latest grant program round. ... lees verder