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Lu Qi, the head of Y Combinator's new China division, believes blockchain has great potential for entrepreneurship in the long run. ... lees verder
Bitcoin could get better privacy with Taproot, but there's one big obstacle - it can't be deployed until another technology goes through. ... lees verder
Venezuela is set to begin using its "petro" cryptocurrency as an official accounting unit, according to the country's president. ... lees verder
Playboy is suing Canadian blockchain company Global Blockchain Technologies (GBT) for fraud and breach of contract. ... lees verder
High Times, which announced last week that it would accept bitcoin and ether for its coming IPO, said in an SEC filing Monday that this was an "error." ... lees verder
A blockchain startup wants to raise nearly $100 million dollars to create a new form of fantasy football aimed to bring fans together. ... lees verder
Obviously a coin's price matters, but it's only one of several measures of a blockchain's value. Looking at them together gives you a fuller picture. ... lees verder
Lightning nodes are making money – albeit not much – displaying the potential for a growing fee market on the layer two tech. ... lees verder