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Iran's central bank is developing a cryptocurrency, though it has no plans to embrace bitcoin. ... lees verder
Digital payments platform Uphold has acquired Cortex MCP, a mobile commerce platform. ... lees verder
The wider cryptocurrency market may be feeling the heat of a decline in bitcoin prices today. ... lees verder
India's tech industry is working with the Blockchain Research Institute to more heavily integrate blockchain into Indian businesses and government. ... lees verder
With all eyes on the Lightning Network, bitcoin developer Laolu is working on a technology which takes fraud watching off the hands of users. ... lees verder
Several companies have been so far linked to Venezuela's petro cryptocurrency initiative in the wake of this week's launch. ... lees verder
The owner of BitFunder, a long-defunct bitcoin investment platform, has been hit with two lawsuits filed by the U.S. government. ... lees verder
The Arizona House of Representatives passed a bill protecting blockchain node operators from local restrictions. ... lees verder